Should I Buy a House with a Radon Mitigation System

Imagine you want to purchase a home with radon mitigation. Does it make sense to buy it? Should I buy a house with radon mitigation system? Yes! You and your family can only benefit from this and protect your family’s health. Of course there can be a lot of stress associated with buying a house.

The process of inspections, negotiations, closing costs, and financing can be complicated and frustrating. Many homeowners wish there was a better way. It is unfortunate that homeowners and home buyers are at the mercy of banks, interest rates, and the housing market.

The good news is, the buyer doesn’t have to be upset when the house already has an existing radon mitigation system that works properly.

Let’s dig right in and find out why.

Top 5 Reasons Why to Buy A House with a Radon Mitigation System

Here are our recommendations for buying a house with a radon system.

#1: Radon a dangerous natural gas that is odorless and tasteless

Radon is naturally-occurring byproduct of radioactive elements, such as Uranium, decaying, radon is an odorless and colorless gas that goes undetected by human senses. The decay of elements releases radon particles, which eventually reach the surface and enter our environment.

As radon seeps through foundation cracks and holes, it can easily become trapped indoors, resulting in high levels of radon concentration. A properly installed Radon mitigation system will the radon gas levels down and will protect your family.

For more information about the dangers of radon, I recommend checking out the resources that the EPA has published.

#2: Radon Mitigation helps when you sell your home faster

Having a radon mitigation system will help you sell your home faster. Having a properly installed and maintained radon system will increase the value of your home and ensure homebuyers don’t have to install a radon mitigation system after they buy the house. This means that you have a better chance of selling your home faster.

#3: Elimination of mold and mildew from your home

Lower dampness has added medical advantages as fresher inside air and the disposal of mold and mildew is beneficial to your health. Radon Mitigation can help by decreasing the development of mold and residue that can bother asthma, sensitivities, and other lung conditions.

#4: Lower Energy Costs

Less humidity can mean reduced dehumidifier use. HVAC systems would need to run less frequently when a radon mitigation system is installed and working properly. Using your HVAC system less means a lower electricity bill and an extra benefit for the environment — a healthier planet. On top of that, it 

#5: Radon is a preventable health risk

Indeed, radon can be tracked down in any home all through California. However, assuming your home tests high, that doesn’t mean you need to move! A radon mitigation system will radically decrease the radon levels in your home.


Radon testing can be a piece of the home buyers review and purchasing process. Getting a radon test on your house is smart for the buyer and the seller. A radon mitigation system approves that the purchaser is buying a sound and safe home for their family and loved ones. At the point when you are managing a gas that is scentless and odorless like radon, having radon system already installed is a huge benefit.

Before you buy your home or even finish up redesigns to your current home, approach your neighborhood inspection team. They can a full radon mitigation inspection and determine if you need a radon mitigation system. Then, at that point, they can offer create a plan to protect your home from radon if the radon levels are excessively high or dangerous to your health. Radon California is happy to conduct a home inspection for radon and test the levels in your home. Give us a call or email us if you have any questions.