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As a homeowner, the safety and well-being of your family should always be your top priority. One of the biggest threats to your family’s health is radon gas – an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that can seep into your home undetected. Radon is a radioactive gas that is produced naturally when uranium in soil and rocks breaks down. When inhaled, it can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer. The only way to know if your home has dangerous levels of radon is to have it professionally tested. Professional radon testing services can help ensure that your home and family are protected from this invisible threat. In this article, we will discuss the importance of radon testing and the benefits of hiring professional radon testing services to keep your home and family safe.

Radon California Professional Radon Services

Radon California is a certified mitigation contractor and licensed to operate in California. We can assist you in determining whether the radon levels in your property require mitigation if you are buying a new house and need a reputable, certified radon mitigation company. Radon testing is the best way to determine if your home or building has high levels of radon.

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Office advises doing radon tests in your home every two years and repeating the procedure whenever you relocate, make structural changes to your home, or occupy a previously unoccupied level of a building. If you have a radon level of 4 pCi/L or more, take steps to remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Test your home to protect your family

Make sure the radon mitigation system in your home is functioning properly if one already exists. To ensure that their Radon levels are below the advised EPA safety thresholds, every homeowner should test their home at least every two years.

The presence or absence of radon in a home will depend upon whether or not there is uranium in the soil beneath the home, not the construction of the home itself. The only way to know the radon level inside a home is to perform a radon test. A short-term or long-term radon test is used to find the presence of radon gas.  Long-term testing last at least 90 days, whereas short-term tests last between 2 and 7 days. The EPA recommends that every home in America be tested, regardless of location or construction style. Whether you need a system installation or inspection, contact us today to find the proper solution for your radon gas testing service.

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Quality work and attention to details

We always respect our clients, and we will give you our undivided attention in helping you with your radon mitigation needs. We guarantee our work, and we will finish your job in a timely manner. If you require a Radon test, give us a call or fill out the quote request first. Find out how our qualified experts can assist you. In order to offer you the greatest radon mitigation services, we are NRPP-certified, fully insured, and stand behind our work.

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Where can I get more information about radon?

While there is a wealth of information about radon gas and its effects on health available online, it can be challenging to distinguish between fact and fiction. Since not all of the data is reliable, there are several misrepresentations, errors, viewpoints, and lies to be found on the internet. One of the best sites to learn more about radon gas is through the EPA, state radon offices, and certification organizations like the NRPP and AARST.