Professional Radon Mitigation

People who are exposed to radon for extended periods of time are at risk. Our team is ready to help, whether you’ve recently found radon in your house or are considering buying a new home that might have a radon problem. At Radon California, we provide high-quality, reasonably priced radon reduction and mitigation services.

The dangers of Radon

When you employ our radon mitigation service, we reduce the radon levels in your home and provide a lifetime assurance that the levels will be 3.9 pCi/L or less. When someone is exposed to high doses of radon, an odorless gas, it can cause serious illnesses like lung cancer. To safeguard you and your family, our radon mitigation system lowers or eliminates the levels in your house or property.

Installation placement options

Would you like to keep your Radon mitigation system hidden from your neighbors or guests? Our installations can be totally contained inside the house in about 65% of the cases. The simplest Radon mitigation system is installed on a side wall or back wall of the house that is exposed to the outside. We guarantee our work and we are fully insured to do radon mitigation.

When a system is placed in an unfinished portion of a basement, there are numerous options available. Installation of radon mitigation systems may occasionally be necessary across carpeted flooring or along finished walls. Avoid letting shelving obstruct the location of your optimal installation. To make your choices and ideas a reality, we provide a wide range of solutions and we will accommodate your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our radon mitigation and abatement services.