Commercial buildings and custom construction

Additionally, commercial buildings and custom home builders can benefit from radon mitigation systems installed by Radon California. We can develop a radon mitigation system from the ground up and integrate it seamlessly into the architecture of your house or building. The advantages of designing a radon resistant home from the ground up are twofold: the house is built to be permanently radon-resistant, and the system components are hidden. Visit or photo gallery to see pictures of our commercial radon projects.

Protect your commercial property

In our own homes, we may all take precautions to protect ourselves from the risks posed by radioactive radon gas, but what about our workplaces and other commercial buildings? Owners and operators of commercial properties have a moral and possibly legal obligation to safeguard their clients and staff against radon.

New commercial building with radon mitigation system being installed
Commercial Radon Mitigation System being installed by Radon California

Our Commercial Radon Mitigation Services

For more information about commercial radon mitigation services, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding radon mitigation. We appreciate the value you place on your clients, and we would be honored to have the chance to win your confidence and business.