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Radon Free Home

Our team of professionals will work with you to set up an inspection and provide you with a full report of radon levels in your home. Fully certified for all levels of radon mitigation.


Radon Free Home

Our radon specialist will design an effective system to significantly reduce radon levels in your home. All systems are made to blend in with the home or hidden all together when possible.


Certified Radon Mitigation Expert

We are certified in commercial radon mitigation. We can design and install Radon reduction systems for any new construction of multi-family home buildings, schools, office buildings and more!

Find out if your home is healthy!

Radon can be found in any home. No matter the size, year built or type of foundation. The only way to know if there is the presence of Radon in your home , office or school is to have it tested. Radon California uses highly sensitive Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) for our testing equipment. Our monitors are calibrated often for the most accurate results. Once your test is complete, you will receive a report with our findings which include hourly and average Radon levels as well as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The EPA recommends taking action to reduce Radon levels if your test is at or above 4.0 pCi/L. The WHO's recommendation is 2.7 pCi/L.

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Taking Action

It is important to choose a contractor who is trained with specific knowledge and technical skills to install your Radon reduction system. Our Radon Specialist, Jason Gregory, can design a custom system to not only significantly reduce your Radon levels but also make the system blend in with your home or be completely hidden when possible. After installation, you will be given a full rundown of how your system works, a homeowner's manual and warranty information. Radon California will always make time for service calls if you need further assistance.

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California Radon Hot Spots

Radon California offers certified residential and commercial Radon mitigation as well as residential testing in
Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

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Radon Mitigation for Home Owners

Testing is the only real way to know your home’s radon levels. There are no immediate physical symptoms that will alert you to the presence of radon in your home. The American Medical Association, American Lung Association, and National Safety Council recommend testing your home for radon levels for health concerns.

Radon California provides our customers with easy to understand detailed information about the radon levels in your home. By providing you with a blueprint to your new healthy home, we will explain the dangers of radon and other health risks in your home. Call (805) 244-6687 if you have any questions or would like radon testing.

Radon Testing for Real Estate Sales

The homeowner of a house can test their home prior to listing the home for sale. If the homeowner does perform a radon test, most if not all states will require that the test result be disclosed on the whole house disclosure form you will fill out with your realtor. A buyer may want to have a confirmatory test conducted. It is recommended that a radon mitigation system be installed prior to placing the house on the market, to bring the radon levels within an accurate range. Radon California provides our customers with easy to understand detailed information about the radon levels in your home and provides you with a blue print to your new healthy home.

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  • Avatar Praveen Bommannavar ★★★★★ a year ago
    Jason did a world class job of installing our radon mitigation system. He went above and beyond, especially considering the intricacies and nonstandard crawlspace he was dealing with. It took him considerably more time than expected, but he never cut corners and was very communicative about all the work being done. He even provided a map of the crawlspace after finishing. I'd recommend his work to anyone
  • Avatar Jason Tapia ★★★★★ a year ago
    Jason was fantastic! He installed a radon reduction system for the unit we’re renting. The other reviewer is right in saying that Jason is communicative. He kept us and our landlord in the loop from start to finish and explained what the situation was and what our options were in great detail. He was honest, professional and did a quality job. You can tell he really cares about his customers and the work he does. Our radon level went from 6 (above 4 is considered “action level” by government standards) to a 0.4.

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